Andrea Rocco | Beautify
de 19/11 até 19/12
For her new solo show at Galeria Rabieh, São Paulo based artist Andrea Rocco has spared no efforts: other than producing around ten large paintings and over 50 works on paper, 1.300 drawings, all from 2015, will cover the walls of the gallery’s main exhibition space, creating a sort of wallpaper. Titled Beautify, the exhibit, curated by Angelica de Moraes, will be open on November 18th and can be visited until December 19th.  

In a typically pop operation, Andrea makes use of appropriated images from different periods of history, without distinction between sources from the mass culture and the history of art, developing her own lexicon, which she mobilizes in different supports and languages. Many of the figures from her “wallpaper”, for instance, reappear in her canvases, watercolors and other works on paper, all of them composed by agglutination and juxtaposition, showing her expanded comprehension of collage. In the paintings, this aspect is exacerbated by the use of both acrylic and oil paint, a technic that creates layers of varied depths within the pictorial space. This particular operational logic allows the interpretation of the main exhibition space, covered by her “wallpaper”, as an installation where the layers of collage have the potency of virtually occupying the three-dimensional space.  

The second exhibition space is dedicated to works on paper of large and medium dimensions, other than interferences on tapestry. Here, stickers, button football parts and a quote of characters by Norman Rockwell join the artist’s visual lexicon, emphasizing the ironic character of the set. An important part of this section is composed by watercolors on 18th century engravings by naturalist Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira. On her critical essay for the show, Angélica de Moraes points that “Andrea Rocco points to the change in perception that took place in contemporaneity, when we are amazed and anguished with the enormous expansion in space and time of the production and accumulation of knowledge adhered to images and their readings. Our perception of the world is now necessarily fragmented, contingent, articulated for a fleeting moment that will soon be different. By integrating these fragments, Andrea Rocco puts in place a subtle sense of humor and invites us to find our own connections, mutable, seductively changing like a kaleidoscope”.