de 02/09 até 01/10
Solo show by Maria do Carmo Carvalho   
Curated by Caroline Carrion 
Galeria Rabieh (São Paulo) – September 02 to October 01, 2016   

Aiming to reintroduce and re-insert to the contemporary art circuit the body of work of Maria do Carmo Carvalho (1941, Jacareí, Brazil), Galeria Rabieh is pleased to present the first solo show by the artist at the gallery. Curated by Caroline Carrion, the exhibition will occupy both exhibition rooms of the gallery’s space with artworks produced in several media between the 1990s and 2016. The artist has received several awards and has participated in important international exhibitions, such as the International Print Exhibit of Taiwan, the International Biennial of Graphic Arts of Slovenia and the IX Internazionale Triennale - Intergraphik 90 in Berlin, among others. Her works can be found in private and public collections around the world, such as the Centro Wifredo Lam (Havana, Cuba), the International Museum of Maastricht (The Netherlands), and MARP – Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto (Brazil). 

At Galeria Rabieh, visitors will be able to get reacquainted with different phases of the artist’s trajectory, starting with her production as printer until the most recent paintings on paper and canvas, which are marked by an object-like feature that places them in the threshold between bi and three-dimensional. To present such a broad production, the curator Caroline Carrion highlights two grand aspects of the artist’s creations: on the one hand, the outstanding presence of the line; on the other, a sculptural desire that can be felt even in her earlier production. This show presents a versatile artist that, throughout decades of serious and intense research, has developed a unique language that unfolds in several media while keeping the same core concerns at heart.   

The opening of the exhibition happens September 2nd, 2016, and integrates the Art Weekend, an action developed by the Latitude Project (Abact) to create a circuit of contemporary art in the city during the weekend prior to the opening of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial. 

--- The gallery will be open during the Art Weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm to 8pm ---   

About Maria do Carmo Carvalho 
Maria do Carmo Carvalho was born in Jacareí (Brazil) in 1941. She was taught by artists such as Waldemar da Costa, Sérgio Fingermann, Branca de Oliveira and Nazareth Pacheco, and participated in workshops by Artur Lescher, Ana Maria Tavares and Regina Silveira, among others. The artist has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, such as the IX Internazionale Triennale – intergraphit 90 (Berlin, Germany); Impression Bleu, a project of the Association Presse Papier (Quebec, Canada); Brazilian Contemporary Printmakers, at Pratt Institute – Steuben West Gallery (New York, USA). She was awarded several prizes, like the Brasília Prize (Funarte), and the Prize of the XXI Nacional Salon of Visual Arts, Rio de Janeiro. In 1995, she traveled to Barcelona to work at the studio of Tristan Barbará, the legendary Antoni Tàpies’ printer. In 2009, one of her prints was selected for the album organized by Ernesto Bonatto to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Gravura Brasileira”, a gallery directed by Eduardo Besen in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2012, the book “Maria do Carmo Carvalho”, organized by Enock Sacramento, was published, marking the 30th years of her artistic trajectory.   

About Caroline Carrion
Curator and art critic, Caroline Carrion was born in Jundiaí (Brazil), in 1986. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Sao Paulo, where she is currently a philosophy major, other than having studied Management et Communications Intercuturelles at Université Paris IV (Sorbonne). Caroline has been working in the art field since 2008 in different segments of the market, such as cultural centres, museums and art galleries. She developed and coordinated the production of several exhibitions, integrated publishing projects on contemporary art and has extensive experience with cultural journalism and institutional communication. In 2015, she curated Eccoci!, an urban intervention project by artist Berna Reale held in public areas of scarce touristic access in Venice, during the opening and closing weeks of the 56th Venice Biennale; she was invited to be one of the emergent curator of the CNI SESI SENAI Marcantonio Vilaça Award for the Visual Arts; and had a project of her authorship awarded by the open call of the Cultural Space Marcantonio Vilaça (TCU, Brasília). She was also local editor for My Art Guides that same year. In 2016, she was member of the Nominating Committee of the PIPA Prize. She has written several texts for exhibitions and artist’s books in Brazil and abroad, and regularly writes exhibition reviews to Newcity Brazil.