Monique Allain, Katja Loher, Sergio Lucena e Dácio BIcudo | Dialógicos
de 29/11 até 14/01
The exhibition DIALÓGICOS  proposes some interceptions between the contemporary image’s manifestations and their respective spatiotemporal implications. Paintings, photographs and videos resulted of experimentations and actions of the sensitive body work as autonomous pieces or as basic elements for composing hybrid pieces, in which medias mingle, confuse and dialog between themselves. The immovability and movement of images, their flatness and volume by incorporating the shape of the objects in which they are contained, instigate a reflection about the relationships that these establish with space and with time.  

The set of a converging territory, in the variety of aspects which images assume nowadays, it becomes more difficult to differentiate them into categories, both with regard to the technique as to the choices of representations and presentations. Intermediate zones expand and constitute a common place in which nature and origin are lost, where the limits between physical reality and fiction dissolve.  

The exhibition seeks to reveal what is there of pictorial, cinematographic, photographic and sonorous in the current image, what is there in common between painting, photography and video, aiming to tighten the connections among these forms of expression. The proposal is to address over the rich dialog they provide, investigate the potentialities delineated, and apprehend with a deeper thought the implications that come from the complexity of the contemporary image.  

Monique Allain, 2011.