Pablo Valbuena | Perspectivas de Luz
de 25/04 até 23/06
Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena (1978) positions, accents and differentiates objects and buildings through light projections, giving reality a new and different dimension.   

The artists’ virtual world adopts existing structures and lets them float and move by themselves. Pablo Valbuena transforms public spaces, puts them in action and adds a dimension of time.

Buildings and objects become as abstract or better marked. The geometrical and formal elements in Valbuena’s work has a lot in common with De Stijl’s movement, and Mondrian’s and Rietveld’s pieces.   

For the first time in Brazil, Pablo Valbuena will exhibit, in both of the two floors of Lourdina Jean Rabieh’s Gallery, 8 installations and objects, including three pieces from the Light Geometries serie and one installation created specially for the gallery’s space. A video-documentary will also be presented, about his monumental pieces staged in public spaces.

Tom van Vliet