Dácio Bicudo | Transmissão
de 31/08 até 22/09
The mythologies of the religious discourse  

In this exhibition, Dácio Bicudo chose as a conceptual starting point precisely the phenomena of the religious mythification in eletronic media. The artist, who’s also director a Producer of films, inicially présents to the observer the image of Jesus Christ, directly applied over chroma key, accompanied by a microphone. Made of green color, the chroma key surface refers to the technique used on TV to capture a determined image, which will be posteriorly separated from its original background, adjusted and re-contextualized, according to the convenience of the image director.   

This adaptability of the chroma seems to reverberate the ideia that every form of enchantment and magic, previously reserved to the forms of faith, were transfered to the instant miracles operated by the media and advertisement.  

Just as religious narratives have penetrated the fields of media responsible for mass consumption, blowing up the limits between sacred and profane, the artist annuls the borders that separate contemporary art from popular art, using a wide range of objects of domestic everyday usage"

Katia Canton