Pedro de Kastro - Desenhos de bico de pena. Exposição realizada no MUBE | Visões
de 07/04 até 29/04
Exhibition Visões, at MuBE
Pedro de Kastro/Pen-and-ink drawings  

“Since I was a child, I dream about a fantastic urban landscape transposed into another and I become a child again, when I metamorphose it into other worlds. For many years, I was haunted by dreams when my Lisbon was a world of shadows wrecked at The End of Times. Those visions persist till today, now with sublime perspectives of São Paulo and other capitals of the world. E they are so real that I feel like I’ve been in that forgotten future before. I miss it.”      

Living in São Paulo since 2001, and still little recognized among us, Pedro de Kastro stands out in the brazilian artistic panorama as true master of drawing and engraving. His work was revealed in Brazil only from the exhibitions organized by the Instituto Moreira Salles and presented in many capitals – São Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. However, this artist Born in Lisbon in 1972 already acquired international prestige and participated in exhibitions in New York, London, Amsterdam and his drawings and engravings were published in important editions like, for example, Dreamscapes 2010 – Contemporary Imaginary Realism
, edited in Netherlands and illustrated by the most prominent artists, world-wide, working with the fantastic realism poetics.

Pedro de Kastro learned from Piranesi the representation of architecture and perspective, and developed a solid knowledge and domain in pencil drawing, pen-and-ink and, also, in metal engraving techniques.  

In this exhibition organized by MuBE – Brazilian Museum for Sculpture, Pedro de Kastro turns himself, mainly, for the urban landscape and uses constructive processes with the accuracy of traditional practices (18th century) to create with precision the images of his imaginary, whose characters are, mostly, the buildings of a city and their strange possessors. The absurd is treated with realism, expression that destabilize our understanding between ilusion and truth.

We notice in Visões, his sensitivity about time/space, construction/wreckness issues. His knowledge and domain of the complex techniques of perspective allows the artist to work the poetics of space with precision and objectivity (verisimilitude with the reality) without losing mystery, his favorite tool and, through it, enter the world of the ineffable, the measureless.

The buildings from the São Paulo series are stone characters that emerge arrogant, with arising vitality and energy and, at the same time, are dominated, eroded and wrecked, surrounded by strange natural forces, by labyrinths and abysses that provoke dizziness. In the landscape’s apparent stillness of architecture, everything lives, breathes, but walks, inexorably, facing destruction.

Owner of a virtuous capability to work with perspective and chiaroscuro, Pedro de Kastro accomplishes his drawings and engravings with the precision of a watchmaker.    

The plot line that structures all of his work can be compared to the orchestral composition, in which each musical note produces a different tone, but only acquire meaning in its whole.     Pedro de Kastro dreams Wonders and awaken creates symbiosis of great expressive strength between the real and the imaginary. Does not aim to delineate and harmonic relationship among them, on the contrary, seeks to explore all conflicts produced by this relationship. When we try to decode the enigma inside his poetics, we end up confronting ourselves with news questions, which invigorate the debate and comprehension about our urban life and about the big cities’ role in the future o four society.

Fabio Magalhães