Maria do Carmo Carvalho

Maria do Carmo Carvalho was born in Jacareí, SP, in 1941. She studied with artists such as Waldemar da Costa, Sérgio Fingermann, Branca de Oliveira and Nazareth Pacheco, besides having workshops with Artur Lescher, Ana Maria Tavares and Regina Silveira, among others. The artist participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, among which stand out the IX Internazionale Triennale - intergraphit 90 (Berlin, Germany); Impression Bleu, Presse Papier association project (Quebec, Canada); Brazilian Contemporary Printmakers, at the Pratt Institute - Steuben West Gallery (New York, USA). She was contemplated with a series of awards such as the Brasilia Award (Funarte), XXI National Fine Arts Salon Award, Rio de Janeiro. In 1995, she travels to Barcelona and works in the studio of Tristan Barbará, printer of Antoni Tàpies. In 2009, an engraving of her own is part of the album organized by Ernesto Bonatto, commemorative of the 10 Years of "Gravura Brasileira", gallery directed by Eduardo Besen in São Paulo, SP. In 2012, the book "Maria do Carmo Carvalho" was published by Enock Sacramento, about thirty years of her artistic career.