Sonia Guggisberg

Sonia Guggisberg is Swiss Brazilian, born in São Paulo in 1964.

PhD in Communication and Semiotics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUCSP - Bolsa Fapesp) and Master of Arts from the Federal University of Campinas (Unicamp- Bolsa Capes). Guggisberg works as an artist, videomaker and researcher participating in collective and individual exhibitions, lectures and workshops in Brazil and in other countries since the 1990s. Today she is dedicated to the research project: Urban and social subsoil in São Paulo presenting questions about redesigning the city and its identities. Her works are in photography, site specific, installation in video and sound, and experimental documentary. She has already held 16 solo exhibitions and, in addition to Brazil, her works have already been exhibited in the USA, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and France.  She has works in the collection of the Museum Lasar Segal, Museum of Contemporary Art of SP, SESC, Pinacoteca, Museum of the city of São Paulo and Figueiredo Ferraz Institute among others. In 2015 the artist won the Brazil Photography Award (Porto Seguro): Ensaios, Develops the collective project Ecos Systems, lives and works in São Paulo.