KAAYSÁ art residency

Galeria Rabieh will become, from April 2018, a support point for  KAAYSÁ art residency in São Paulo, where the exhibitions of the residency results, publications, courses and parties related to the programs will be based.


Kaaysá is an independent and multidisciplinary residency located on the North Coast of São Paulo, which welcomes researchers, artists and creators interested in the practices that inhabit the intersection between art, nature and community. Concepts such as participation, exchange and collective life are special pieces of this experience that focus on local cultural development in collaboration with the community of fishermen and natives that inhabit the region. The intention is to insert the north coast of São Paulo into the cultural circuit, turning Boiçucanga into a cultural and creative center, a meeting point of different nationalities. The residency offers independent and group programs. Activities that include conversations / exchanges with curators and foreign and local artists, interactions with the environment, experiences with local communities and access to theoretical and field research on the Atlantic rain forest and Ocean.