The Gallery


During the last 10 years, Galeria Rabieh has worked in the contemporary art market, forming part of the traditional circuit of the galleries of São Paulo.

From April 2018 onwards, the gallery's activities will have a hybrid character, understood as being less commercial and more cultural, between the public and the private sphere - in a gap where independent forms of occupation and new relationships can be experienced within the cultural circuit.


From now on, Galeria Rabieh  ceases to represent artists with exclusivity, and begins to promote and support independent artists, giving special attention to the participants of  Kaaysá  art residency.


The Gallery, founded by the Lebanese-born Brazilian Lourdina Jean Rabieh, has 600 m2 available for independent exhibitions, experiments, performances, events, courses and other cultural productions that can be promoted, sponsored and 

and carried out by different agents.